Coffee Shop Spotlight: StrangeBrew Coffee in Meycauayan, Bulacan

I often pass by StrangeBrew Coffee in Meycauayan, Bulacan and I admit, it piqued my curiosity. It’s a coffee shop in a low-traffic area with a catchy name and an artsy-looking layout – it definitely catches the imagination. Really, it was just a matter of time before I caved and paid a visit.

So, one day, my friend Ladybug (real name withheld to protect the guilty) and I were in the area, and we got it into our heads to drop by. This post is going to be a rundown of our first experience of StrangeBrew Coffee in Meycauayan, Bulacan.

The cafe is located in St. Michael Homes, Meycauayan, Bulacan. It stands out from the other shops in the vicinity, and the well-maintained exterior kind of reminds me of a sophisticated Manila cafe.

The color scheme of the logo – and, indeed, of the whole place itself – strikes me as decidedly dark and masculine.

But inside there’s a certain cozy, relaxed feel, which tells me the ambiance is responsible for what looks like a steady stream of regulars.

The place was full when we got there, around 5:30 pm. It was apparently “happy hour,” meaning P10 off most drinks from 1pm to 6 m. Notably, the patrons were mostly young people – students in their teens, and young professionals in their 20s and 30s.

The prices on the menu are already quite attractive for young people with tight budgets – P75 a drink is not a bad deal. With the happy hour discount, you get it for P10 less! (PS: sorry for all the blurry images. The lighting inside the shop was a bit dim and as it was a spur of the moment trip, I did not bring my good camera.)

Ladybug got their Double Choco (petite size – P75).

I was in the mood for something basic, so I got their americano (hot – P75. For an additional P10, you can get it “iced up”).

We also got pasta with our coffee. Speaking of pasta, TODAY would be a great time to go there, because StrangeBrew is celebrating their 3rd year anniversary with a promo:

(photo from StrangeBrew’s official Facebook page. click on the photo to view the promo on their page)

The place was packed and buzzing, and I had no opportunity to interview the staff. I wanted to ask a couple of things. Off the top of my head, some of them were:

  1. Why was the place named “StrangeBrew”? Was it influenced in any way by the early-2000s show hosted by the beloved late comedian Tado, which shares its name?
  2. What would they attribute to their success, in spite of being located in a low-traffic area?
  3. Why is their logo a chibi (or super-deformed [SD], if that’s the more familiar term) of a naked person holding a coffee cup?? Is this chibi supposed to look like the owner? Intriguing!

If you’re living nearby, consider dropping by StrangeBrew Coffee in Meycauyan, Bulacan today for their anniversary special.


StrangeBrew Coffee
Location: Unit 1 CDN- MARO Apt, corner Peso St and Rand St., St Michael Homes, Meycauayan, Bulacan
Schedule: Open daily, 11am to 1am

Visit their official Facebook page.