Blog update

After 500 years, I’ve come back to this blog! It may take a while before the next update, but I wanted to leave a note saying that 1) The site is being revamped, and 2) comments have been DISABLED while revamp is ongoing. The Contact Form and Coffee Links directory have also been taken down.

If anyone wishes to reach me for coffee-related concerns, please reach me through the Facebook page: Coffee on My Mind. Leave a comment or a message there, and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can!

New Signature Image, Plus Facebook and Twitter Accounts!

I have family to thank for this beautiful, brand new header image, which I’ll also be using as the signature photo for the blog’s official social media accounts.

By the way, did you know COMM (yep, that’s this blog’s alternate name!) has a Facebook and Twitter now? Feel free to add me there and let’s talk about coffee!

The social media accounts will be used for sharing interesting news, articles and other blog posts. For the most part, this blog will be used as a home for fresh content, some of which may be inspired by the things posted on Facebook and Twitter. Expect a couple of memes and other fun stuff in those places, too!

You may notice from the already existing content that I share news related to the Philippine coffee industry more often than not – that’s just in keeping with this blog’s objective of promoting Philippine coffee. However, I also enjoy the freedom of writing whatever I want about coffee, so there will be all sorts of coffee news, too. There’s more than one kind of coffee in the world, after all, and more than one country that makes really good ones. The diversity and easy availability of information is what makes being a coffee lover in the Internet age so great!

Back to the header image: this one is all-original*. Family shot this themselves, using a digital camera and whole beans and a double-wall glass from our treasured collection. Double-wall glasses are among our essential equipment as coffee lovers. One of these days I’m probably going to write about our collection, because it is spiffy.

There are two kinds of beans in the photo. The green beans are Benguet arabica beans that have yet to be roasted, and the medium roast beans are from Kenya.

* so PLEASE do not steal or reproduce it, or copy any part of it for any purpose!