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Only 3 Philippine Shops in PayWithAPoem 2016?

(image from the official Julius Meinl website) There are certain times of the year when we celebrate coffee. There’s the International Coffee Day, for example, which takes place on October the 1st every year. There are the many international Barista championships, the International Queen of Coffee Beauty Pageant…and then there’s the PayWithAPoem initiative. As someone […] Continue reading →

Philippine Coffee Kiosks Series: Introduction

I’ve decided to start a series called “Philippine coffee kiosks.” By the title alone, you should be able to guess what it’s about. For clarity’s sake, “kiosks” are stalls that pop up smack in the middle of public areas, usually mall corridors. They are normally not independent businesses, but instead are franchise options. Franchising is […] Continue reading →

My 5 Best Songs About Coffee

I find it helps me write on this blog to actually have a cup of freshly brewed coffee within reach, and to have coffee songs playing in the background while I write. By “coffee songs,” I don’t mean the songs they play in cafes. I mean songs ABOUT coffee. I have Spotify installed and there’s […] Continue reading →