Coffee Shop Spotlight: Art Circle Cafe in Makati

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Art Circle Cafe has been in UP Diliman for some years now. But recently, they opened a second branch nearer to my place of work, and from what I’ve seen, Art Circle Cafe in Makati could be a great place to hang.

I stumbled across Art Circle Cafe in Makati when I decided to take a scenic route to work, and as I was passing by, my tummy rumbled, reminding me that it was lunchtime.

(photo from Art Circle Cafe’s official Facebook page)

I wasn’t really in the mood for coffee (it was such a hot day!) but I thought I’d step in for a cold drink and a bite to eat.

Then I saw the menu and I realized I wanted hot coffee. Very badly.


The place was rather cool, but not too cool – just enough for me to be able to enjoy something hot without fearing my blood pressure going through the roof.

There are 4 coffee brews to choose from: Sagada, Barako, Benguet and Kalinga. Regardless of brew, a cup costs P60.

I had trouble choosing my coffee, because 1) I really wasn’t craving coffee at that time of day, and 2) the selections all looked so good.

The sweet, friendly lady manning the counter advised that I try the Sagada brew, which was the mildest blend, and their bestseller.

I said okay.


I took a sip… and it was REALLY GOOD COFFEE. The taste was mild, as advertised, but it wasn’t mild in the “weak” sense – the better synonym may well be “smooth.” It was so good I just couldn’t mix anything in with it, and drank it black all the way through.

I limited myself to one cup that day, and decided I was going to even it out with some carbonara (P215).


The pasta…could have been tastier. But it was filling, for the price.

I asked about the artwork on display. I was told they were all for sale, and in fact some pieces already had marks on them, which told me they were already sold.

Some of the artwork was quite eye-catching.




I was shown a folder of artwork for sale. I was unable to get nice shots because I didn’t bring my good camera (again! argh).






Before I end this post, here’s another good blog post about the Art Circle Cafe in Makati, with better pictures. Those cake photos look so good!

If anyone reading this happens to be interested in any of the artwork, please feel free to drop by the Art Circle Cafe in Makati to inquire, or leave them a message at their official Facebook pages.


Art Circle Cafe
G/F Y2 Residence Hotel
Santiago corner Singian
Street, Makati City

Official Facebook page

Official Facebook page of the Makati branch

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